Papers Under Review

Mellon, G., Siegler, B., “New Experimental Evidence on Anti-Asian Bias in White Parents’ School Preferences” (Conditional Acceptance at Sociology of Education)

Ciocca Eller, C., Khanna, K. & Mellon, G. “Intermediate Educational Transitions: A Novel Perspective on Inequality in Higher Education Outcomes” (R&R at Sociology of Education)

Papers In Preparation

Mellon, G., “Does School District Leadership Matter: Estimating Variation in Superintendent Effects on Achievement in the United States” (In preparation; Working paper available)

Mellon, G., “Is the Personnel Political? The Role of Political Partisanship in School District Superintendent Appointments” (In preparation; Working paper available)

Chae, J., Mellon, G., DiPrete, T. & Jennings, J., “Trends in the Reading Achievement Gender Gap in Early Elementary School” (In preparation; Working paper available)

Mellon, G. “The Relationship between Job Tasks and Cognitive Skills: Evidence From the German Longitudinal PIAAC” (In preparation)