Recent Work

Digital Harbor Foundation, Director of Evaluation 

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.23.24 PM.pngAt Digital Harbor Foundation, I designed and implemented our nonprofit’s evaluation strategies, measuring our program’s impact on students’ achievement and educational outcomes. One project I implemented measured changes in students’ self-reported grit over the course of the program, finding significant increases over a semester long technology program. This work, which has been fielded with two program cohorts, provides preliminary evidence that grit may be malleable in this setting. In addition, I implemented a study to measure the program’s impact on social tie formation, finding a decrease in socio-economic homophily over the course of the program. I also measured students’ technology skill attainment, finding increases in technology skills across programs.

Findings from this research were presented at the National STEM Systems Building Institute in Omaha, NB.

Benenson Strategy Group, Analyst

As an analyst at Benenson Strategy Group (chief polling firm of President Obama), I developed, fielded, and analyzed polls for national and local Democratic political campaigns and progressive advocacy groups. I also conducted segmentation research for a prominent technology firm, highlighting key targets for their campaign.

Child Trafficking in Ghana, M.Phil. Dissertation Research 

IMG_2275For my MPhil dissertation, I conducted qualitative fieldwork on child trafficking interventions in the Ghanaian fishing industry. My key finding was that practices in Ghana referred to as “trafficking” were a new framing of the traditional social practice of “fostering”, where children lived with extended family members to learn vocational skills for future trades. This finding, based on interviews with over 70 NGO and government officials, working children, and fishermen contributes to a recent wave of literature finding that expanded primary education, and globalization, are contributing to reframing traditional views of children’s work in the Global South.

Findings from this study were presented at the Association of Human Rights Institute Student Research Conference in London, UK